18V Li-ion Hammer/Drill/Driver
Concept Durofix Hammer Drill Screwdriver
The new Durofix 18V Hammer / Drill / Driver is a unique and represents a leap forward in terms of an 18V Combi that is compact and lightweight.

At only 1.3Kg and very compact it is an easy tool to work with and is powered by Sony Li-ion batteries , considered by many to be the best in Li-ion battery technology. Although not as high a specification as bigger 18V Combi's it makes up for any lack of power in being very versatile, in size and in price.

The tool is accompanied by an LED light bar which provided super bright white light to any place you maybe working and is also accompanied by a spare set of brushes and a screw and drill bit set. The tool is beautifull presented in a hard durable carry case.

There is no other hammer / drill / driver around that is as good a value or as compact and it sets the standard for others to follow. Durofix is fast becoming 'The Compact Li-ion Solution' for tradesmen.

• 35 Nm
• 13mm or 1/2" Keyless Chuck
• 20 Torque Settings
• 2 Speed
• 0-400 / 0-1400 RPM
• 21000 BPM
• 2 x 1.4Ah Sony Li-ion Batteries
• LED Light built in
• LED Light Bar
• Suitable for 13mm fixings in
concrete or mild steel
• Suitable for 28mm fixings in softwood
• Spare Brushes
• Screw and Drill Bit Set
• 30 Min Fast Charger
• Hard Carry Case
• 1 Year Warranty
• All Metal Gearbox
• Electric Brake
• Variable Speed
• 1.3 Kg

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