Durofix 18V Li-ion High Speed 115mm Cordless Angle Grinder (4 1/2 ")
durafix angle grinder

Durofix have developed a new Cordless 115mm Angle Grinder with the intention of setting the standard in the markeplace. The power tool uses Durofix's own high powered and extremely reliable motor teamed with the very best and latest Li-ion batteries from Japan so as to create a high specification, reliable, quality tool head and shoulders above the rest.

The key to the performance of any Angle Grinder is the quality of the motor and the rpm of the tool that allows it to cut through such things as steel and ceramics. The Durofix tool has an rpm of 12,000 which is 20% above its nearest rival and as much as 50% more than some other that are available making this an extremely capable tool.

• 18V Li-ion
• 12,000 rpm
• 115mm, M14 Spindle thread
• 2 x 3.0Ah Li-ion batteries
• 50 Min Charger
• Battery Indicator

• Side Handle and Wrench
• Hard Durable Carry Case
• 1 Year warranty
• 2.4Kg
• Non Slip Rubber Grip
• Variable Speed

Below is a comparison with other 115mm Angle Grinders available in the marketplace

Make Volts RPM Ah Battery Type Weight Price Net
Durofix 18V 12,000 3.0 Li-ion 2.4Kg £250
Makita BGA452RFE 18V 10,000 3.0 Li-ion 1.9Kg £270
Hitachi 18V 9,300 3.0 Li-ion 1.8Kg £280
Milwaukee HD18AG 18V 8,000 3.0 Li-ion 2.2Kg £300
DeWalt DC410KA 18V 7,000 2.4 NiCd 3.0Kg £260
DeWalt DC411KB 18V 6,500 2.6 NiMh 3.2Kg £300

* Prices are as per internet and vary, prices used are approx average prices and are at November 09.

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