14.4V NiCd Impact and Collated Driver

14.4 Volt Impact and Collated Driver

The award winning Concept Impact and Collated Driver is Concept's first power tool and compliments perfectly the range of fixings we supply so allowing Concept to offer a system to meet builders needs .

The tool is a professional tool manufactured to a high standard by a manufacturer with a reputation for reliability , innovation and excellence . The tool is unique as it combines a powerful impact driver and collated autofeed driver in one . The tool offers distinct advantages over other impact drivers and collated autofeed tools and represents superb value for money.

A large part of the cost of any power tool is the batteries and the Concept driver is supplied with 2 x 2.4Ah Sanyo NiCd batteries which are far superior to chinese or metal hydride batteries found on many tools . It also means that builders do not have to go to the expense of additional or replacement batteries as the two batteries alone are enough for most.

As an impact driver alone the 167Nm of power of this tool sets it apart from the rest which are mostly 125Nm to 140Nm . The price of the Concept driver makes it value for money as an impact driver alone !

The collated autofeed takes 25-50 mm collated screws and will take upto 55mm for which Concept hope to have a new gauge available in 2007. The attachment is easy to operate using an Allan key to take on and off and set the gauge to length of screws being used, and a simple dial controls countersink management. The attachment can be set to feed from the top or sides and Concept do not require that the builder use our collated screws unlike other companies. Concept do however recommend that a quality strip is used so that the tool operates at optimum speed and there is less chance of jamming etc.

A significant advantage of the Concept driver is the power which allows collated screws to be easily fitted whereas other machines which just rely on spin speed struggle with harder materials . The difference in power between the Concept tool and others is very significant . In addition our main competitors are either more expensive than the Concept driver , have inferior batteries , limited screw range fixing or an inferior repair and servicing service and certainly none are also a powerful impact driver .




14.4 Volt
167 Nm power ( approx 20-25% more than equivalent 14.4V Impact Drivers )
2300 RPM / 3000 BPM
Forward / Reverse
Electric Brake
Variable Speed Control
LED Lights
Non-Slip rubber grip and cushioned trigger
Only quality components used in manufacture
2 x 2.4 Sanyo Ni-Cd batteries
1 Hour Intelligent Fast Charger
Attachment suitable for screws 25, 32,35,38,42,45,50,55 mm
Countersink control dial
Quick and easy to fit and remove attachment
Rubber end piece for paper protection x 2
Non Slip grip on attachment
Belt track for stability
Release button for easy removal of strips
Autofeed positions screw before driving so less chance of jamming
Attachment can be fitted to feed from top or side
2 x Extended Phillips bits
Carry Case
1 Year warranty
Weight approx 2.9 Kg
Product Code: 210020

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The Concept Impact and Collated driver is a new product but we have been able to compile a list of questions which have been repeatedly asked : -

1. Who are Concept Distribution ?
Concept is a new company supplying quality building products at good value to the professional builder . We have a philosophy to offer unique quality products which will speed up and improve peoples working lives

2. Why choose the Concept Impact and Collated Driver ?
The tool uses top quality components making it ideal for the professional builder . The batteries are powerful long lasting 2.4Ah Ni-Cd batteries so providing longevity to the working life of the tool . There is nothing else like this available to the professional builder and represents two tools for the price of one . The impact driver alone is approx 20-25% more powerful than equivalent impact drivers.

3. What size of Collated Screws can be used with the tool ?

Although we make this clear the question still arises - 25-50mm screws can be used . We emphasise that the builder set the gauge length for the correct length of screw . The gauge is adjusted by using the Allan key to remove the gauge screw and slide the gauge up or down to the appropriate length of screw you are using.

4. Can any collated screws be used with the tool ?
The tool has the power and ability to take nearly all collated screw bands available but we would always recommend using a quality band . Quite simply a quality band passes through the machine quicker so speeding up any job and there is less chance of jamming or missing . Using a cheap band is generally false economy with too much jamming and too many screws 'missed' as the band slips through. This is why we recommend Concept's own quality collated screws .

5. Will Concept's collated screws work in other machines ?

We have tested our screws in other machines including the Senco and Makita collated drivers and they worked fine in testing .

6. How do I ensure the screws countersink properly ?
Set the depth of screw penetration using the dial on the side of the attachment . Put one screw into the wood , plasterboard etc and re-set accordingly as required .

7. Why should I buy this tool and not another impact driver or collated driver?

See 2. above . In addition if you are looking to buy a collated autofeed driver or an impact driver then the Concept driver represents the best value for money due to its spec. , dual purpose and price .

8. Where do I find the bits etc usable with the impact driver ?

If you want individual bits any good tools supplier should have a selection of hexagonal shaft bits for impact drivers. Concept supply the extended Philips bits used for collated screws .

9. What happens if the tool fails ?
Well the tool comes with a one year warranty . Just take it into your stockist with the proof of purchase and it will be sent to Concept for repair . If it is a warranty repair then it will be put right and sent back for collection at no cost . If it is a repair because it is out of warranty or has been caused by mis-use then a charge will be incurred .

10. How reliable is the tool ?
The impact driver , battery and charger should rarely if ever go wrong and the manufacturer has a first rate record on reliability . The brushes will need changing inevitably with use and these can be replaced quickly and easily at little cost . The collated autofeed attachment is new and one or two practical problems may arise but the tool has been extensively tested and we are confident in its capabilities . Always remember though to look after your tools to get the most out of them.

11. What about spare parts etc ?
Concept also stock spare batteries , chargers , brushes and extended collated bits and they are available through your stockist . Spare parts for repairs etc. are held by our manufacturer .

12. Why should I buy a cordless tool and not a corded tool ?
The general advantage of cordless over corded is the ease of use and is well known to all who use power tools . The key to the Concept tool is the battery quality and strength and with our Sanyo 14.4 Volt , 2.4Ah Ni-Cd batteries you have a battery with a good charge capacity , strength , longevity and reliability . By using the one hour intelligent fast charger you should never run out of charge when working . Remember also as a rule of thumb Ni-Cd batteries have approx twice the life expectancy of Metal Hydride .

13. What collated screws should I use and when ?
There are effectively 3 types of drywall collated screws - coarse thread, fine thread and drill point ( TEK screws ) . For board into timber fixing we recommend coarse thread , for board into metal channel use fine thread and for added penetration into metal use drill point . You can use all the screws into wood but coarse thread will be quicker than fine thread .