Hand Tools - Guns, Clamps, Supports, Lamps

Concept has a quality limited range of products manufactured with an emphasis on quality, reliability and value for money.

Where a market exists we seek to offer something which sets us apart be that in terms of innovation, reliability, price or all round value for money. Concept will continue to grow this range based on these principles and the future will see some superb additions to this range.

All these products are popular sellers with our customers and distinctive in Concepts' branding.

Caulking, Foam, Pointing and Grouting Guns
Product Code Description  
210001 Skeleton Gun 11"

- A basic reliable skeleton gun at a good price

210002 Caulking Gun 11" - Standard caulking gun which is great value for money

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210013 Heavy Duty Caulking Gun 11" - A stronger caulking gun for those tougher jobs
210014 Heavy Duty Caulking Gun 13" - A stronger caulking gun for bigger tubes and tough jobs
210003 Foam gun

- Probably the most reliable foam gun available in the UK. A quality gun with teflon coated needle and adaptor which keeps the gun clean and unequalled air tightness essential to ensure the gun does not let you down. Full instructions included.

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210018 Pointing and Grouting Gun - The best gun around ideal for pointing and grouting jobs providing a quick clean solution . The tool is unlike any other in that you get two tubes, two pointing nozzles, two grouting nozzles , mixing paddle and spare plunger so allowing continuous working and longer life. This is an essential for anyone selling bricks , flags, tiles etc and is the best value for money. Full instructions included .

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Product Code Description  
210007 6" Quick Grip Clamp

- The best value for money clamp around. A clamp and spreader this has a quick release button, heavy duty metal bar for strength and meets exacting standards on quality.

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210008 8" Quick Grip Clamp
210009 12" Quick Grip Clamp
210010 18" Quick Grip Clamp
210017 24" Quick Grip Clamp
210016 6" Metal G Clamp - Quick Grip - Another superb value for money product
210015 8" Metal G Clamp - Quick Grip

Ceiling Support
Product Code Description  
210012 Ceiling Support 2.9metres - Used to hold boards etc in place this is adjustable to work at upto 45 degrees and hold weights upto 30 Kg.

Product Code Description  



A Concept designed new development in LED lamps which has more functionality and wider appeal making it truly a lamp with a multitude of uses.

The New lamp has 60 Superbright LED's spread over 3 sides providing full all-round illumination and allowing the user to decide if they want to use 1, 2 or 3 sides.

The lamp takes upto 2 hours to recharge and provides upto 7 hours of illumination and can be used at home, in the garden, at work, at play or as an aide to the motorist.

The lamp is small bodied, free-standing and is accompanied by a shade, magnetic clip, mains charger and in-car charger so allowing it to go anywhere and be used to perform a variety of functions.

We believe this to be the best LED available and should be a useful tool for all.

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210025 60 Bulb LED Rechargeable Work/Leisure lamp - LED's are the future in terms of energy efficiency and long life . Requiring approximately 10% of the energy of normal bulbs and not prone to burn out . This lamp has a multitude of uses and comes complete with magnetic clip, hook, mains charger and in-car charger. The lamp is super bright white light , does not generate heat and will give upto 5 hours use on a charge . No batteries and no replacing of bulbs makes this lamp superb value for money. Perfect for the builders van, as an inspection lamp, to electricians, plumbers, loft converters and for all manner of uses.