Corded Screwdriver and Collated Autofeed
110V and 230V
Two Tools in One and more...

Building on the success of Concept's award winning Cordless 14.4V Impact Driver and Collated Autofeed Concept have built upon their experience to offer an unequalled Corded Autofeed in 110V and 230V which is

• Powerful and fast
• Versatile
• Capable
• Practical
• Unbeatable Value

Screwdriver Pole Extention

The tool is a Screwdriver with countersink nozzle for individual screws and a collated autofeed once the attachment is fitted which is capable of fixing collated screws 25-55mm, but it does not stop there the tool has two accessories being a 45-75mm attachment and pole extension which means that the tool covers all collated screw sizes from 25mm to 75mm and can be used to reach to floors and ceilings hence making the tools capable of doing the job of 3-4 tools sought elsewhere.



110V / 230V
500W / 480W
4600 rpm
5 Metre Double Insulated Cable
25-55mm Collated Autofeed Attachment
Countersink Nozzle
3 Belt Clips
Forward and Reverse
Variable Speed Trigger
Constant Run Button
Non Slip Autofeed Nose Piece
Bit Holder and Screw Bits included
1 Year Warranty

Advantages over the Competition
Two tools in one
Superfast spin speed ideal for collated drywall screws and collated woodscrews
5 Metres of extended cable and 3 Belts clips making it more practical
Can be upgraded with longer autofeed attachment and pole extension to widen its capability

An easy set up guide is included in each tool to get you started and once you have become accustomed to the tool you will find it to be the perfect answer for collated needs

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Screwdriver and Collated Autofeeder
Screwdriver and Collated Autofeed