KITPRO Gas Fired Nailers

Although the name KITPRO is unknown in the UK the tools are already being sold all over the world successfully but under different brand names under licence from the manufacturer. Concept has been searching for Gas Fired Nailers for some time and we have chosen the KITPRO nailers to compliment our nail and fuel packs as these tools are second to none and offer some distinct advantages over the most famous name in the market and others who have introduced such guns. These are proven power tools with a proven track record of performance and reliability.

Our support to these tools extends to a one year warranty and full service, repair and mainternance and we have great confidence that users will be impressed with performance.

There are 4 Gas Fired Nailers Available as follows -

Qi90 - First Fix Framing Nailers
Qi65 - Second Fix Straight Brad Nailer
Qi65A - Second Fix Angled Brad Nailer
Qi40T - Concrete Pin Nailer

All the tools have common features including:

• Suitable for all equivalent gas fired nails and concrete pins
• Rear loading with release safety feature to avoid accidental firing
• Easy depth of drive adjustment
• High power performance
• Non - slip rubber grip
• Non-mark removeable nose piece
• 2 x 1.3 Ah Ni-Mh batteries allowing upto 4500 shots on one charge
• Toolbelt hook
• Very sturdy and strong carry case
• One year warranty

Additional Specification Information

Qi90 Framing Nailer - 34 Degree - Suitable for nail sizes 50-90mm
- 3.6Kg
- Fastener Capacity 70

Qi65 and Qi65A Brad Nailers - Suitable for 20-64mm Brad Nails
- 2.2Kg
- 20 Degree (Angled)

Qi40T Concrete/ Steel Nailer - Suitable for 15-40mm Pin Nails
- 3.6Kg
- Fastener Capacity 40

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gas fired nailer gas fired nailer gas fired nailer

gas fired nailer gas fired nailer gas fired nailer