KTX Professional Woodscrews
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KTX is a specially developed and patented head recess that offers significant advantages to other screw recesses. The head will take KTX, Pozi, Square and Philips screw bits and it has a deep recessed head for good engagement with the screw bit. All the screws are precision manufactured using hardened steel and each box is accompanied with a 50mm KTX screw bit free, as the screw bits and screws come from the same manufacturer they offer perfect fit.

It’s the case with other head recesses such as Pozi and Torx the heads vary slightly and its also true that the screw bits vary too which means that there are fractions of differences in the heads which allow for movement, wobbling and slippage and ultimately means that something is lost between the power tool / screwdriver and the screws. The KTX head is a stick fit which allows the torque and rpm of the power tool to work through the screw and when working in hard materials like MDF, Chipboard or Hardwood the screw has fast penetration and so saves time and effort.

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Benefits and Features of KTX Screws

Suitable for KTX, Square, Pozi and Philips drive screw bits
Stick fit head for KTX and good Pozi and Square drive screw bits
No wobbling, slippage or rimming out of head
The best performance in pull out when a screw needs to be removed
No pilot hole or pre drilling required
Suitable for all woods including softwood, chipboard, MDF, plywood and the hardest hardwoods
Significantly reduced splitting allows close to edge fitting
Precision manufactured using high quality hardened steel
Double countersunk head with ribs and tips for a smooth surface finish
Very sharp starting point and wax coating all allow for fast penetration and fitting
Uses on average 50% less energy and effort than most other screws
Special screw thread design to allow fast penetration and fitting
Works perfectly with impact drivers due to the deep recessed head that allows for no movement and ensure all the torque and power of the tool is transferred to the screw
All screws are packaged in a double lined flip top lid box giving better longevity than most screw boxes
Each box of screws contains a 50mm KTX screw bit free which is ideal for your drill / driver, combi or impact driver
Consistent high quality from the first to the last screw

KTX screws are loved by users for a variety of reasons such as they don’t snap or break like others, they are very easily fitted and removed if required, there is no expense of buying screw bits, there is no wobbling or slippage so its not a struggle to fit them like so many other screws and so on...

There are other screws in the marketplace that are professional in name but don’t have the benefit of the head recess on KTX or not made from the same quality of steel or just aren't as consistent, empty a box of KTX onto a table and if you look closely every screw is identical but with some others... the precision manufacturing is lacking.

We certainly feel that in terms of quality, value for money and performance our screws are the best.

KTX Professional Woodscrews

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The KTX Stand is an eyecatching addition to any merchants premises and is just one part of our marketing support. We also offer samples bags, leaflets, posters and trade packs.