KTX Professional Woodscrews

Bronze for external use

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KTX Professional Woodscrews introduction, features and benefits

The KTX Bronze has all the typical qualities of KTX but with a special metallic bronze coating for external use that blends in well with all timbers without detracting from the timber. The screws have a 2000 salt spray tested coating ensuring a lifespan in timber up to twice as long as most other external / decking screws so representing excellent value for money. The range has been developed to cover most external applications and can be used in any woods from softwood to hardwood and including treated timbers... there is no wood into which it cannot be fitted. Manufactured from hardened steel, with a coating that blends into timber the screws represent a serious alternative to expensive, silver finish and weaker stainless steel.

Product Code Size Box Qty
010001 M4.0 x 25mm 200
010002 M4.0 x 30mm 200
010003 M4.0 x 40mm 200
010004 M4.0 x 45mm 200
010005 M4.0 x 50mm 200
010006 M4.0 x 55mm 200
010012 M4.5 x 65mm 200
010007 M5.0 x 60mm 200
010008 M5.0 x 70mm 200
010009 M5.0 x 80mm 200
010010 M5.0 x 90mm 150
010011 M5.0 x 100mm 150

KTX bronze