KTX Professional Woodscrews

Stainless Steel for external use

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KTX Professional Woodscrews introduction, features and benefits

KTX Stainless steel screws are manufactured using A2 SS302 stainless steel which represents the best grade of steel for construction purposes. Having all the same features and benefits as other KTX woodscrews the stainless steel screws represent a rust proof fixing. The major advantage of KTX professional woodscrews over all other stainless steel screws is because of the stick fit head there is no slippage and wobbling and no rimming out of the head, something which is a common occurrence with pozi head stainless steel screw. The high quality of Concept’s KTX Stainless Steel woodscrews ensure a much lower attrition rate than is often found with other stainless steel screws.

Product Code Size Box Qty
010118 M3.5 x 16mm 100
010119 M3.5 x 20mm 100
010109 M4.0 x 25mm 100
010110 M4.0 x 30mm 100
010111 M4.0 x 40mm 100
010112 M4.0 x 50mm 100
010113 M5.0 x 40mm 100
010114 M5.0 x 50mm 100
010115 M5.0 x 60mm 50
010116 M5.0 x 70mm 50